California Landscape Technologies has provided outstanding, award-winning landscape designs and management services to association, residential and commercial clients throughout southern California and Arizona since 1992.

While our design palette spans a wide range of thematic designs selected to meet our clients’ individual needs, our specialty is sustainable landscape design utilizing California-friendly and water thrifty plant materials combined with state-of-the-art efficient irrigation techniques. Our firm is knowledgeable of the latest City, State and County regulations, water conservation measures and rebates, and State of California’s newly adopted Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance.

Steven L. Sherman, RLA 2887, ASLA, IA-CLIA Principal

Graduate University of Oregon 1982 bachelors in Landscape Architecture. Licensed by the State of California in 1988. Licensed by the State of Arizona in 2004. Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Auditor in 1992 recertified in 2009. Habitat Steward National Wildlife Federation. Continuing education in water conservation, sustainable landscapes, native landscapes, arboriculture, advanced irrigation design.

Member: American Society of Landscape Architects, Better Business Bureau, Natural History Society, California Native Plant Society, National Wildlife Federation, San Diego Horticultural Society. Judge for California Landscape Contractors Association Beautification Awards 7 years. Judge for CLCA Certified Landscape Technician Testing 3 years.

Steve has been providing landscape and irrigation design services to discerning clients in California and Arizona since 1984.

California Landscape Technologies has provided design services for Commercial and Residential development projects throughout southern California including San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, LA County, and San Bernardino County.

Projects include many private residential, church, military, commercial buildings, commercial and residential community development projects including model complex as well as providing planting and irrigation required for grading plans. We have extensive knowledge of governmental submittal processes.

Whether meeting minimum government conditions and requirements, or providing an outstanding exciting design, California Landscape Technologies can meet your project goals.

As a Professional Licensed Landscape Architecture Firm with IA certified Water Auditors we offer a truly integrated approach to hardscape, plant and irrigation design and asset management. Since our inception, California Landscape Technologies has provided landscape consultation and water management services to commercial and association clients to identify irrigation problems, lower maintenance requirements and reduce water waste and water related damage. Our firm is uniquely positioned to provide state-of-the-art maintenance guidelines and manuals.

Through intimate consultation and collaboration with the owners, Landscape Architect Steven Sherman strives to create gardens and landscapes that have a unique identity while complimenting the client’s lifestyle and tailored to Southern California living.

Our goal is to provide our clients with gardens and landscapes that meet our clients needs spiritually, mentally and physically. Our collaborative process allows us to provide our clients with designs that meet their budget and personal requirements. Understanding of the site, the architecture and the usage needs of the clients allows us to create spaces that serve as extensions of the home with a natural flow.

Landscape Design

  • Hardscape Design
  • Construction Detailing
  • Plant Selection & Layout
  • Drainage
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Hourly Consultations Available

Irrigation Design

  • Irrigation Plans
  • Irrigation Detailing
  • Drip Irrigation Design
  • Water Management Plans

Brush/Fuel Management Plans

  • Meeting all current City and County Requirements

Water Management

  • Water Auditing (by Irrigation Association Certified Water Auditors)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Studies
  • Water Conservation
  • Water Management Plans
  • Controller Schedules
  • Irrigation System Evaluations
  • Irrigation Trouble Shooting
  • Controller Schedules
  • Maintenance Manuals

Landscape Management

  • Planting Evaluations
  • Tree Evaluations
  • Planting Recommendations
  • Site Improvement Recommendations

2006 CLCA Beautification Awards Landscape Construction:
Johnson Residence - H.A. Casillas Landscape and Construction

2007 CLCA Beautification Awards Landscape Construction:
Henry Residence - H.A. Casillas Landscape and Construction